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Friday, August 8, 2014

COST: $97 before 7 July, 2014 early registration deadline; $112 after 7 July, 2014

We invite you and your guests to experience the art world up close and personal. You will be given the opportunity to walk through one of Raleigh’s art studios home to several artists. Your guests will be given the opportunity to watch local artist hard at work in their own studio and see a master piece come together.

Afterwards guests will follow up this experience with lunch at the NC Museum of Art’s very own restaurant Iris. While enjoying an afternoon lunch your guests will find that they are not in just any ordinary restaurant. Iris is an experience all in itself. The setting; the art and the food as a whole will be enjoyed by every guest. Following lunch your guests are welcome to take a moment or two to enjoy some of the works of art that hang in our Art Museum.

After lunch we invite you and your guests to view not only the permanent exhibit but to also be admitted to tour the visiting exhibit currently on display


10:00 AM - 3:00 PM



  • Private deluxe transportation to all locations
  • Tour of Artspace and artist’s studios with time to talk with artist
  • Delicious gourmet lunch NC Museum of Art Iris Restaurant
  • Self-guided tour of NC Museum of Art
  • Admission to current exhibit hosted by NC Museum of Art
  • Iced Water available for guests



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