Put all the Symposium details in the palm of your hand with the 2014 IEEE EMC & SI/PI mobile phone app.  Take advantage of this app to plan ahead, learn about the hotel and mark agenda items you do not want to miss.

This app is customized specifically for our 2014 IEEE EMC & SI/PI and will provide the following information:

  • Symposium agenda including a detailed description of each event with the ability to add to your calendar.
  • Exhibitor directory
  • Important alerts
  • Hotel information
  • Local area resources including local dining, area entertainment, transportation services, and other general resources including GPS capability
  • Links to social networking

Access is very easy!  If you have an Apple or Android Device:  

Download Insructions

For Blackberry and Kindle, please use the appropriate direct download link here:

  1. Download the EventAccess app to your device
  2. Once installed, open the EventAccess app and click on “Event Guide Lookup”
  3. Click on “Find New Event”
  4. Search for EMC and SIPI 2014 and click on the 2014 IEEE EMC & SI/PI app
  5. Wait for the information in your app to install onto your device (wait for timer to finish spinning) and once finished, all of the content about your meeting will be installed on your device.



To View the App on your Computer, go to


*** Important Information about Installing an EventGuide in the EventAccess Platform ***

If WiFi is interrupted or if someone tries to access the Event Guide too soon, the app pauses the download and will restart back up and they can access it later. 

On other devices the download never starts back up so the users only have a partially downloaded EventGuide. 

Once the Event Guide is fully downloaded, users should not have an issue with accessing the EventGuide anymore.

However, users need to know that the initial download could take a couple of minutes for the installation to complete (depending on the connection speed) and that they should let it fully download before they try to access it.  And if they do have any problems they can delete the EventGuide and re-download it again.